Jan 6, 2011

Ten Things I Love About My Husband Carl

1. He encourages me to go to Ikea for breakfast with my friends because he wants me to be happy and social.

2. He has this amazing smile and giggle when I manage to reach his tickle spot when we're being silly.

3. He is knowledgeable about almost everything and keeps me up to date on all the latest news and happenings since I can't really watch the news anymore.

4. He has the BEST plans for the future, any you can think of.

5. I can tell Carl about anything and he will still love me and think I am awesome.

6. His eyes crinkle up when he smiles and he gets a crease across his forehead when he is frustrated.

7. He volunteers his Tuesday nights to work with the Webelos.

8. He doesn't think like an "American" and rants about those that do.

9. He is always willing to throw down with a good board game.

10. He still chooses to share all his awesomeness with me.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I love you guys!