Jan 9, 2011

Canton International Festival

Saturday the boys and I went to the Canton International Festival at the Village Theater on Cherry Hill Road. We have always wanted to go into this theatre because it is in such an interesting part of Canton. All the houses are painted unique colors and there is just a little shopping center with this theater at it's center. I read about the festival in MetroParent magazine and I am glad we did! The program was a mix of information, taste-testing, and singing/dancing performances. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera so there are no photos for this post, other than two shots I got online of an act we missed because we had to leave to get Carl, ha!

These are the Hoaloha Hula Dancers. We missed the by about 15 minutes, but it shows you what kind of performances were there. We did get to enjoy a selection of American dancers, Chinese singing and dancing, music and dancing from Sri Lanka, Italian Opera and an interesting Christian performance from New Hope church which consisted of miming and stepping. We also enjoyed treats from Israel, Mexico and Germany. The best part was that it only cost one dollar per person! We are making sure ALL of us get to go next year, and for the full time. What a great experience for our family!

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