Jan 21, 2011

Moving update, plus our week in general

Ok, I have realized that a goal of everyday blogging just doesn't fit in with my lifestyle, so...I am going to do it as often as I can. Especially since we now have even MORE family away from us...way to go Mandy...lol

Ok, so here is an update on the whole moving story. Last time we left off on Monday when everything was supposed to be fixed. The early morning swap that they were promised never happened. In fact, it was quite late in the day before they got their stuff moved over at all. I believe Mandy and Franchot finally were able to get ahold of someone about 9 am, but after that it became a game of phone tag, a new person always answering the phone and no one knowing what was going on. Finally the truck company decided that they would tow the truck to a nearby facility so that they would not have to have all their personal affects drug out in the middle of a motel parking lot. Seems thought, that their idea of close was Southfield, which is about 40 minutes from the hotel they were at in Romulus.

So the truck was towed to Southfield, everything was shifted over, they drove back here, got Trey, Lauren and my in-laws and finally left out about 4 I believe. By the time they all got to Ohio, it was so late that they all collapsed, without moving a single thing but blankets, a few top mattresses and pillows. Of course the standard run to Wal-Mart was in order since all the toilet paper was packed, and food needed to be purchased. The next day was no better since they had to off-load the whole truck and then drive back to Michigan. (Mandy had an appointment for the kids. Shots and stuff for school.)

We spent Monday night at Jacki and Carl's to watch the pooch, so we decided that they would appreciate some dinner when they got back in town the next day. So we made what I would call a "vat" of spaghetti and some garlic bread. You would have thought I had made something better than that the way it was praised. Hungry tired bellies will eat anything! And so the next day, the Washingtons made their final trip back to Ohio and there they have stayed! They will be back up next weekend to get the rest of their belongings and then it will be final. I am sad they are gone, but I am so glad that this moving experience is almost over! I think everyone's nerves were frazzled!

In other news of the week, Jacob got to go on a field trip to McDonalds (I know right?), we spent a day doing our taxes (whew!), and Carl and I discovered an awesomely terrible game called Trailer Park Zombies! You just have to play it, there is no description...ha! Today is a half-day for Alex. A friend of mine has a daughter that goes to the same school so I am getting them both off the bus and watching her this afternoon. Should be interesting since most times they just don't get along, but it's been a while since they have spent a lot of time together so...

And this weekend is the Plymouth Ice Festival! We are going sometime this weekend and highly recommend it to anyone in the area. But dress warm!!! They do ice sculpting demos in the park and serve things like hot cocoa and roasted nuts. Yum. Every day of the festival is something different. We try to go every year. I will post some pictures when we go.

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