Jan 26, 2011

Mommy N' Me

I thought I would do my next shout out to my sister Jill and her awesome store, Mommy N' Me. It is located in Rexburg, ID and is a consignment kids shop. She runs it with the help of her daughters, Ashley and Chelsea. I had the pleasure of working in her shop a few days over the summer and let me tell you, she has got a great place! The shop is located in a lovely house with the most amazing woodwork! She has all the rooms set up for different age groups and sexes. The best part as far as I am concerned is that it is not just consignment, but new and handcrafted items also. After working in her shop a few days I can testify to her high used clothes standards! If there is even a tiny hole or stain, it is rejected. Those items that are left behind if they can't be sold are then put in to the largest 25 cent sale you have ever seen my friends! Boxes and boxes of clothes, blankets, shoes and maternity wear, all for a quarter each! Again, the highest standards. You would be hard pressed to find the stain on these items. She does it during the warm months, so save up your loose change! 
I have added some pictures, although not the best ever, the first shows you a bit of the shop, and the second shows you the faces that were not captured well in the first shot. This is my sister, and her grandson Broxton. Such a cutie!!! He sits in his little chair right up at the register and checks everone out. That is when he is not playing in the toy room. It's good to have connections, right Broc?!


Mommy N' Me said...

Very sweet:-) Want a job doing the Mommy N' Me Blog?!!!

Love you,


Beckah Whitlock said...

Hey Chris! I need your address and email address. I have a Christmas card for you but the email I have on file for you keeps sending everything back to me. So I have nothing....ummm...I just had a thought....maybe that's how you planned it. Uh-oh. Well, if that's the case that makes me SOL but if not....then could you please email me at beckahwhitlock@yahoo.com with all your contact info. Hugs, Beckah

P.S. I didn't know Jill was the one who owned Mommy and Me. Awesome!