Jan 5, 2011

Already slipped up!

When I said I would blog everyday, I was serious! Suprised me that it only took 4 days to slip up! So to make up for it I am doing two posts today, the one I should have done yesterday, and the one from today. So, here is the first:

Chicken Enchiladas!
Yum, yum, yum! Carl has to work late every Wednesday night and so the boys and I try to have something that he doesn't particularly enjoy or won't miss eating. So tonight we made enchiladas. I wish there was a recipe to share, but it's really just a combo of a few different things. I add diced, cooked chicken, any kind of salsa you like and green peppers sauteed in butter. Roll those up in tortillas and top with enchilada sauce and cheese :) You'll just have to figure out the proportions yourself if you are interested in making it up for your family. You can even omit the enchilada sauce. Enjoy :)

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Mandy said...

MMMM!!! We love enchiladas!! I don't really like the sauce though, some are too spicy for me and it's kinda thin. We usually put Hormel chili and cheese over the top and bake them. We also switch up between chicken and hamburger inside.

Great, now I'm hungry! :)