Feb 23, 2008

I am SO excited!!

Alright, so you all know that I am a book lover if not fanatic! I have so many great books that are coming out soon and I am all Woo-Hoo!! Here are some I am SUPER excited about!

The Host, By Stephenie Meyer, Releases May 6, 2008

The author of Twilight is coming out with a whole new book, and I am thrilled. Go here to get a sneak peak of this"bodysnatcher"themed love story ~ seriously, who could resist?!

Breaking Dawn, By Stephenie Meyer, Releases Aug 2, 2008

This is the Finale to the Twilight Series. I am palpitating wondering how it is all going to end. If you have not read these, do so now!! You do not know what you are missing!! I am so excited to be able to read 2 of her books this year!

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
, By Brandon Mull, Releases April 21, 2008

This series is fantastic. It is written for children, but like Harry Potter, it is a story every adult can love and follow. Carl brought me into these, and I have never looked back. This will be the third book. More info

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The Bitner Family said...

Oh! I can't wait until The Host comes out! I have been anxiously awaiting it's release! It sounds like a great novel.

I am not too sure about Breaking Dawn though...I don't think I will like the outcome of the series.