Feb 20, 2008


I have had the Martian Death Flu for at least 3 days now. Today was the first day that Carl had to go to work since I have been sick. It started out ok, I was feeling pretty good about my recovery. Then, my body decided that that had been a pretty funny joke, and brought back the fever and the chills and the aches. Ugh...My eyes are glazing over as I write this, but I wanted to acknowledge my AWESOME boys. Jacob cleaned the bathroom for me today, without being asked, and Alex washed my dishes. How awesome! Also, Since school is out for Mid-Winter break Lauren has been here with her brother Trey and she even picked up my living room for me the other day. Props to my now 13 year old Niece!! Happy Birthday Lauren!!! By the way, this is Christina if you haven't guessed, even though I am logged in as Carl. My brain can't figure out how to change that right now! ha...I love being sick...

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