Feb 9, 2008

Tricks of the Trade

Jacob and I thought it would be appropriate to show you all the "tricks of our trade". Jacob loves to show EVERYONE his equipment, so now he can show the world!

This is Jacob's monitor. We check his blood sugar at least 4 times a day. Before breakfast, lunch and dinner, then at bedtime before his snack. Of course, if it looks like his sugar is low or high, he has to get checked as well. He has become a super pro at this, and for a time was checking his own sugar under supervision, but he seems to like it best when we do the actual poke instead of him.

This is the Lantus SoloStar pen. This is his long lasting insulin, which goes for 24 hours. We give this to him right after breakfast. It stings and burns a bit, but he has been super brave! I think he deals with it so well because it is only once a day.
This is Jacob's Humalog pen. He takes this short acting insulin after every meal. He must also take it if he has a snack, let's say at a birthday party, and it totals more than 15-20 carbs. Yes, we are all about carbs now! Jacob has decorated his case for this pen with stickers and his name.

Well, now Jake can boast that he has shown everyone who cares to see, what his stuff looks like. But, be warned, he LOVES to show how it all works even more!

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The Bitner Family said...

Wow! He has a lot of equipment! I had no idea that diabetics have to use so much stuff!

How are you doing? I can only imagine what you've been through lately. Let me know if I can help you out some time.