Jun 24, 2008

A Bellanger Public Service Announcement


Ok, so you can, but we highly recommend that you don't! Looking on the package label after we had bought these, we discovered that one bar equals to 60% of your daily saturated fat!!! And that is for adults folks, imagine what the number is for my 5 year old. Well, let me tell you, we will not be getting these again. I mean seriously, a half cup of Breyer's homemade vanilla is only 23%! Where is this extra saturated fat coming from?? The candy shell? Seems kinda freaky to me.


J.W.Pace said...

You could call them fat on a stick....Did they taste good????

We are glad you are watching what you eat. Jacob has helped watch what you eat...so some good has come from it.

Love Mom & Dad

Mandy said...

That's gross!! And you didn't even mention that they're kinda small for the money they cost. I haven't bought any, but was in line behind someone getting one...I saw the size because this guy couldn't even wait until he paid for it, he had to open it in line to start eating it! No thanks...I'll stick with my popsicles :)

kiki said...

LOL They look yummy