Jun 6, 2008

Missionaries and softball

Ok, this is a two-parter story.

For those who read this blog regularly, you will know that the missionaries have become a huge part of our lives. We started out with Elders Tams and Robins, who baptized Carl, than we had Gillen, then Barney, and now Nielsen. Last night Barney and Nielsen had an appt. with our family at 5. Softball starts at 6, so we told them that they would have to scoot by 5:30 so we could get there in time. So, what do they do instead? Followed us to the game! Jacob was very excited to have them there. Plus, it was an extra full house with Grandparents, Aunt Mandy and Lauren. So here we are bringing "Mormons" to the game. I figured that everyone would stand far away from us as to avoid our guests, but NO, Nielsen was the hit of the party! While they were there, he took some photos of Jacob. This should be said: Nielsen, before he came out here to devote 2 years to the Lord, was a professional photographer! Cool huh? So here he is, out in the field, suit pants, white shirt, tie, snapping off photos with this enormous camera right? One of the other parents comes up to me and asks me who the photographer is (because obviously these guys are with us)! I tell her that they are some family friends, since I am so flustered by her abrupt question (obviously not my best member missionary moment), and she asks if he can take some photos of her son as well!! Ha ha. So Barney and I go tell him and then off he goes, snapping off at least a hundred photos of Jacob and this other kid, along with some others. I think the coach actually gave him free reign of the entire field so he could take pictures of the team in general! So, I guess long story short, these pictures are all available from Elder Nielsen. Thanks!! Did I mention he's originally from Denmark? So here are some photos and a video of Jacob running into home plate.

Ok, never mind, photos won't load right now, so here is the video at least. I will get the pictures this afternoon.


Mandy said...

I love how he does the "Yesss, I Rock!" arm pumps after crossing the plate. Funny! :)

Wendy said...

Glad the missionaries are still taking care of things there!

Missy said...

So, tell me about elder Nielsen. He is from Denmark? Does he have family in Idaho? Lets find out if we are related here. (yes Curt's family is from Denmark long long ago.)