Jun 11, 2008

Miss Mary Mack

Jacob it seems has been learning about Miss Mary Mack For those men who don't know what this is, it's a clapping rhyme that talks about a girl who wants to see an elephant jump over a fence and then when it does it goes so high it doesn't come back till 4th of July. Silly stuff, but wholesome and good to clap to. So, he comes home with the verse on a huge poster board and a huge Miss Mary Mack made out of cardboard and set on an enormous dowel rod. look inside and there is stuff in the middle. I ask him what it is., and he replies, "Oh, just some digestive system and a heart and an elephant." It really was the way he said it, so nonchalant like it was something that was totally normal. Oh yes, we all have elephants in our bodies! And the phrase "some digestive system" ha ha ha! Total Jacob!

1 comment:

J.W.Pace said...

Jacob love the hair cut....

Grandpa had a Mohawk hair cut like yours when I was your age.

Hopefully you give your dady a good hair cut.

Did you give him a Mohawk too?

Love grandma and grandpa Pace