Jul 22, 2008

Crunchy Corn Bran

Ok, this sounds like the most disgusting cereal out there right? But it is SO delicious. I have been in love with this stuff since before I can remember. I was talking to my folks about it last night and that got me to remembering that somewhere in their albums is a shot of me. I had to have been like, 3 and I was in the middle of our family room chowing down right out of the box! Once I nearly choked on some and my brother saved me! Me and this cereal have a history.

So, what gets me into this whole thing? Meijers. I very much dislike going to this store, because it seems that every time we go they are all out of the sale items and because it is a one-stop shop, I always get stuck there for 2 hours. But, we were in the area and they had corn 8 for $2 so we went. While we were there just picking up a few odds and ends, we stopped in the cereal isle. (BTW I saw my friend Katie while we were there and she is looking fabulous!) So, here I am looking for the cheap cereal when I spot it. Crunchy Corn Bran. How had I ever forgotten that Meijers was the only store in Michigan that sold it?! Sweet goodness, at last I found you!!!! Of course I got a bag of cheap stuff, but I went all out and got me a box of pure deliciousness!! I highly recommend you go and get some!


SusieH said...

Christina - I surfed over to your blog after reading your Corn Bran comment :) and I've so been enjoying reading your archives. What a lovely family! Congrats to your hubby on his recent baptism - I was just baptized in April!

Mandy said...

I share your dislike of Meijer! I hate going there. They are always out of what I go there for...and yet I still end up spending waaaaaaaay more money than I need. I did have a Meijer cereal moment myself a while back. I found King Vitamin there. Anyone that was on WIC as a child in the 80's enjoyed the deliciousness of this cereal. Well...needless to say, it is NOT delicious!!!!! Yuck! Gag! Tastes like Cap'n Crunch sprayed with vitamins :)

J.W.Pace said...

Chris, found her old ceral friend, Crunchy Corn Brand.

Yes you use to love that ceral when you were a kid.... that is how we use to keep you happy. We use to take a bag full to Church to keep you happy, until we go to the snicher store after Church.

Love mom & dad

J.W.Pace said...

Jacob, we are very proud of you....getting your Baseball Trophy. Tha is very special.

We wish we could have been there to see you get it.

Love grandma and grandpa Pace