Jul 12, 2008

Tale of the Recycling Samaritan

Ok, this is embarrassing and hilarious all at the same time.

I went to go do our recycling today. We are really gung ho about this, and have managed to reduce our landfill contributions by half! Seriously folks, couldn't be easier! Anyway, I was at the Wayne recycling center (Wayne Rd. and Forest) doing my weekly drop off. I realized that I also had a bunch of stuff in the truck that had been there forever, random water bottles and such, so I got them out. Well, after I opened the trunk I kept the keys in my hand...can you see where this is going yet?...

Of course they go into the dumpster with all my bottles. AUGH!! Ok, don't panic, They didn't make the clang noise they would have had they reached the bottom. But of course they were nearly empty unlike every other time I have been there stuffing my plastic into any available nook and cranny. So I run back to the car and get my tote out that I keep all my recycling in and take it over to the dumpster to stand on. Totally breaks cause I am no ballerina, but this is a small price to pay folks! I began to gently prod away all the who knows what and finally discover my keys between a booze bottle and a can of pop. The problem was that they were 2 inches farther down than I could reach. NOOOOOOO!!

Luckily, another recycler had come during my mad hunt. I mean seriously, I have never seen more than 1 other person since I have been doing this! I told him that I had recycled my keys and asked if he could help me. I told him he could stand on my tote, it was broken already, when he looked down and saw the 3 inch metal lip coming out of the dumpster at the exact same height as my tote...yeah, now I felt really dumb. So I get up on the lip with him, direct him to the booze bottle and he was able to fetch them for me! Hooray. Of course this is the time to put the icing on the cake by making the comment

"Not only did you help save the Earth, but you also saved me!"

Was that not like, the most "Saved by the Bell" corny line ever?! Why, why do I do these things, I'll never know. Anyway, they guy totally stayed there until I got in my car and left, even though he had been done forever. Probably thought I would do it again after a remark like that.


Missy said...

Hillarious!! Very you.

kiki said...

That's great!!

Mom and Dad said...

Good job saving the world. We do stuff like that all the time. So glad everything worked out.

JaredandJaclyn said...

You have the most hilarious stories sometimes. It truly gave me a laugh but at the same time feeling so bad for you.