Jul 5, 2008

Some photos of the picnic

These are compliments of my friend Tamara. So grateful to her for taking some shots of our family since we are STILL without a camera! (is everyone tired of me complaining about this yet? I'll be done soon...)
Here we are doing the watermelon seed spitting contest. Alex managed to get his about 2 feet away from him, but of course I didn't do much better!

Alex and Carl and Jake doing the water balloon toss. Alex and Carl were partners, and I was Jacob's.

Everyone gearing up for the "pie" eating contest. This was really 10 kissables buried under pudding and whipped cream. The first one to dig out all of their candies and spit them out onto the clean side of the plate won. The guy sitting next to Jake was the winner, but you wouldn't know it by Jakes reaction when he got all 10. :)

Alex attacking his pudding pile with a vengeance.

Jacob's celebratory victory whoop! Sorry for the weirdness of this picture, but I had to crop out the innocent adults who were just as messy and looked pretty ridiculous. I will let them embarrass themselves at their own discretion! ha ha

1 comment:

J.W.Pace said...

Very good pictures. Jacob and Alex are great Pie eaters.

Wish we could have been there to see it.

Love Grandma & Grandpa Pace