Jul 21, 2008

Wanted: Missing Tooth

Alex and Jacob went to Aunt Mandy's house for a sleepover on Friday. We called to check up on them later in the evening and Alex told us that his tooth was all wobbly. By the time he came home the next day I had forgotten all about it, so I was surprised when Alex said he had pulled his tooth out later Saturday night. Yeah, Alex has done this before. He can't stand loose teeth, so they always come out fast. So folks, here he is in all his toothless glory!

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Mandy said...

Haha...I had no idea it was the front tooth. He came to me with some noise about a loose tooth and that's the last thing I heard. Wicked children and they're wiggly teeth...they all know how much that grosses me out! They love to torture me! :-)