Jul 8, 2008

My latest idea

Yes folks, this is my idea...a composition book. Seriously! Ok, so it's not the book, but what is inside it.

Lately I have been bothered my faulty memory. Some of you are under the impression that I have a good memory, and well, that is just a load of bunk! Big things I can remember most times, smaller things, or appts. , not so well. I live by my calendar...if it's not on it, I don't do it! On the other hand, Alex it seems has been blessed with not only a vivid imagination, but a top-notch memory. It seems that every day he brings up something from long ago that I don't remember right away, and then he has to remind me. That, to me is kinda sad. How can I have forgotten when I slammed Alex's foot in the door?! (don't worry, no Alex's were harmed in the recreation of this memory) Also, Jacob, being who he is, is always concerned about what day something happened. What was the time and day you slammed his foot in the door mom? Beats me dude!

Anyway, the point of all this, is I am doing something to help both them and myself remember all of the silly things we do and say each day. Every night (or sometimes the next morning) I have been writing to the boys in their own composition book. They each have one, and that helps to make it more personal. I tell them about all the things they did that day, they funny phrases that came out of their mouth and just all of the little things that I seem to forget. That way, none of us forget, and my children will know that yes, I did pay attention, even when it seems that I am ignoring them.

I guess the reason why I am blogging about this, is that it is working! I am actually excited about doing this, and have been doing it faithfully. That is a rarity. I used to be an excellent journal keeper, but after I had kids that went down the drain. But I'm back baby, and perhaps I may even take some time to write something down about me one of these days. And yes, I am making sure that every entry has the date and day of the week in it, just for you Jacob.


Missy said...

That's fabulous Christina, I have been keeping a journal for Trinity since she was born (actually before, I had a pregnancy journal). I sometimes let writing slide, but thank goodness for blogs, I just print off the "entries" that pertain to her. She like looking at her journal and I hope she is grateful for it in the years to come. Did you know, you can have your blog made into a book at the end of the year? Good family journal to me!

Naomi said...

That's so awesome Christina! I have wanted to keep a journal for Arianna, too...but have not been successful at even keeping my own journal since she was born... I was SO good at it before, too. You've inspired me, though - I will try harder!!