Nov 9, 2008

Jacob's Birthday and Party

Jacob's birthday was on the 4th of November, and since that was Super Tuesday we decided to have his birthday on the Friday following. On his actual Birthday we took him to a few fun places. Jake, Al and I met up with the Williams' at the fabulous new park that is in Westland for a picnic. Then after Carl got home from work, we headed out to the Henry Ford Imax theater to see "The Miracle of Flight". It was a film about the Blue Angels and was really interesting when you weren't dzzy from all the spinning! After that we went for a spending spree in the bulk food warehouse, then onto Pizza Hut for dinner. It was a super fun night!

So, Friday we had the actualy party. Jake invited a friend from school to come. The funny part was that he didn't tell me about it! So, when his friend called for directions, I was a bit suprised. But, we worked it all out and Brad was able to join us after-all. jake got a lot of cool stuff. 3 new games for his DS, a few board games and even fish! It was a super fabulous night.

Jacob's party was Spongebob themed, so we made a cake that looked like Spongebob. Carl has the idea to make it a neopolitan cake, and I think it turned out really wel!

Jake with one of his DS games he got.

Jake and Bradley. Jake pulled the glass up right before Carl shot the picture. I think it looks really cool myself!


Mandy said...

The party was fun...and the cake tasted as good as it looked!! Delish!

Jennjess said...

I'm still waiting for my piece!!!! It look's DELISH!!!! We need a birthday here!!!! Hey Chris, are you available to come out here around Jan. 5th to make one of them there 3 layer cakes????