Nov 9, 2008

Poor Man, we hardly knew you

For Jacob's birthday as previously noted, he got a tank and 3 fish from the Williams'. He was super excited to be able to feed them and take care of them. Well, after a whole lot of hullabaloo, we convinced him that they shouldn't be fed until morning. Well, he got himself up and fed those fish before we had all come downstairs the next day. The problem was, he was a bit too generous with the food. I thought it would be ok since he had got a bottom feeder. Figured he would take care of the extra that fell to the bottom. Well, this morning we woke up to find that the water was all cloudy and gross. We had to run to church, but I was planning on cleaning out their tank as soon as we got home. Well, that didn't happen until later in the afternoon and by that time it was discovered that Man was dead Yes, he named him Man. The others are Friend (or Fred depending on which child you are asking) and Buddy. Well, let me tell you there were a lot of tears shed by both boys. Turned out to be a great time to talk about the Plan of Salvation and resurrection though!
Grandma and Gramps were coming for dinner and so we postponed the funeral until they got to our house. Jacob was appalled by the idea of a toilet burial so I dug a hole outside in the back and we made a headstone. It reads,

Beloved Fish

I think that the cutest and saddest part was Jacob saying his final words to the poor fish that he hardly knew and his brother patting him on the back the whole time to comfort him, tears streaming down their faces. They didn't even notice that my Father-in-law was laughing the whole time! They got me though and I actually shed a tear or two in Man's honor. Now I hope the others last more than a day and a half!


Mandy said...

RIP little man!

SusieH said...

A worthy farewell for the little guy!

J.W.Pace said...

Joacob & Alex, we sorry hear about your fish "Man" died.

It was good of you giving him a very special funeral.

We hope your other fish do well.

Love Grandma & Grandpa Pace

Jennjess said...

Poor little man.... but let me tell you, don't ever waste your money on those pricey fish, I spent $10 each on 4 fish when Jocelyn got her tank, they all died within a week. So they tell me at the store we need to build up some algae, here buy a few 10 cent goldfish, they'll die quick but they will dirty up the tank, which is good. Well that was 2 years ago and all 6 goldfish are still hanging on. They won't die! *LOL*

Christina said...

ha ha that is classic! I think that these fish were on sale 2/$5. Oh well, at least his other fish seems to be doing well!

Naomi said...

Aww, how sad. Big hugs to Jacob and Alex! I hope the other fish will be around longer.