Nov 17, 2008

Q & A with Jacob

Here are the answers that I got from Jake.I put them down verbatim, so some of this in going to be in something we call "Jacob". Believe me, sometimes he has his own language.

1. What is something mom always says to you?

"I love you." (Go me again!!)

2. What makes mom happy?

"Thank you cards." (True)

3. What makes mom sad?

"Well, one time you cried about fighting with Dad." (What can you say to that?)

4. How does your mom make you laugh?

"Taking me to the clown circus." (I didn't even take him and I got credit, YES!)

5. What was your mom like as a child?

"You haded hair and little small body." (Good description.)

6. How old is your mom?

[shrugs] "mom, just tell me!" (I knew one of them would do this, I just didn't know which!!)

7. How tall is your mom?

"Maybe 65 inches." (good guess!)

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

"Being with the family."

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?

"Maybe you rest?"

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

"Um, let's see, um bestest fashion clothes." (Um, ok...)

11. What is your mom really good at?

"Hmmm, good at coloring stuff."

12. What is your mom not very good at?

"Um, giving Alex what he likes. You always give him healthy cups and it makes him sad." (Ha ha, favorite answer!)

13. What does your mom do for her job?

"To take care of our family. I know that cause you got fired at Joann's." (This started a big argument between him and Alex. Alex said I did not get fired, I quit, which is true.)

14. What is your mom's favorite food?

"Asparagus." (WHAT?!?!)

15. What makes you proud of your mom?

"I like your hair." (Always a point of pride...)

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

"Mighty Mom."

17. What do you and your mom do together?

"Play catch in the summer. "

18. How are you and your mom the same?

"We have the same last names."

19. How are you and your mom different?

"Well, our bodies in places and our ages and your weight." (What are you sayin' Jake?!)

20. How do you know your mom loves you?

"Let's see...write me thank you cards. Sometimes you make me, like me cause you sometimes give me a break on Wednesdays for scouts." (I don't even know what he is talking about! ha ha)

I tag Jenn (with Delia) and Francesca (with Noah)!


Mandy said...

Those answers are too funny! Your boys crack me up :)

Jennjess said...

i'm up up for the challenge, I will do it when Jocelyn's at school....

J.W.Pace said...

Good stuff!! It is fun to know what your kids are get some suprises.
With questions like that it helps you understand why kids do what they do.

Love dad & Mom