Nov 26, 2008

My day with Alex

There was no school for Alex on Wednesday due to Thanksgiving, so he and I spent the day together. We played a lot of games and had quite a bit of silly fun, but there were 2 things from the day that really stand out.

At about 9:30 in the morning, Alex came up with an idea for Jacob. He took the stocking that he had made the night previous in scouts, labeled it with a note underneath, and put his only tiny Bakugan in it to give to Jacob for "keeps". Now, I don't know if any of you that read this have young boys that are into Bakugan, but let me tall you, it is like furbies all over again!!! You can't find them in the stores at all this season. Even Santa Clause is going to be hard pressed to find any if you know what I mean, so this is a huge deal!! He put the whole thing together and then began waiting by the door for Jacob's bus to pull up. I had to convince him that Jacob's bus would not be home for 6 more hours and that he shouldn't wait there that whole time! ha ha. It was very sweet. Jacob certainly appreciated it when he got home!

Can you see the note underneath? So cute!

Of course, perhaps I should have left him waiting by the door all day. Alex decided later in the afternoon that he wanted to make a pool for his toys, complete with water slide. We got him a bowl and some things to make the slide and put them in the sink. We used our water filter tap as the continual water slide water. Well, as soon as he got this set up, we needed to run to grandma's house for a bit, so he was disappointed, but I told him that we could start back up as soon as we got home. When we did get home, plans changed for the worse! These pictures should tell you most of the tale....

He added half a bottle of soap to the sink full of water because he must not have gotten the concept that dish soap doesn't instantly foam. The ENTIRE bottom of the sink was full of soap!! These pictures are from the 3rd sink fill up. The suds lasted a very very long time indeed! It seems that he wanted a bigger pool, and then I guess a bathtub? Oh Alex... All in all it was a super fun day and I was glad that I got to spend some alone time with my baby. He is growing up too fast!


Mandy said... the "pool"!!! He's such a lover man...with his mama and even his big brother. He's so cool! :)

J.W.Pace said...

Yes it looks like you had a very special day with Alex. We wish we could have a special day with Alex too.

Love Grandma & Grandpa Pace