Jun 29, 2007

Greenfield Village

Today we went with some women from church down to Greenfield Village. They were kind enough to get us all in with the various passes a few of them had. In total there were, I believe, 8 women and 29 children!! Whoo buddy! We all had a really great time though. For those of you who don't know, Greenfield Village is part of the Henry Ford experience here in Michigan. The village holds a collection of old buildings, some belonging to Henry Ford, others belonging to people like Thomas Edison and the Wright family. There are many artisans who work in the village, and they all dress in period clothing from the late 19th century. More info

Our little group, consisting of Lauren, Trey, Jake, Al and I, had a blast. We rode the train around the park, went on the carousel about 8 times (4 too many for me! ha ha), and ate enormous ice creams. Alex lost most of his crunchy dipped cone topping, but a fat squirrel was happy to take it off his hands. We were able to watch glass being blown and handcrafted which was really fun.

Mostly though, we did kid activities. The boys were able to participate in a game of baseball. It was interesting because it was played with old rules, allowing foul balls to be, well... not foul! and the ability to tag any base in any order. Jake got out, and was none too happy about it, but the other boys seemed to like it a lot. Even Senta, one of my good friends, joined in the fun, and got a wet behind for her effort, slipping on the wet grass on her way to first base.

After the other gals went home, we joined in some of the old-fashioned games they had set up in the field. I was even able to show my prowess at walking on stilts (which I was unaware I could do!!). We ended up being there about 6 1/2 hours. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. I believe we will all sleep well tonight!


Mandy said...

I didn't hear about the stilts...I would've paid good money to see that! Too funny!! Thank you for taking Lauren and Trey today - they had a blast!!


senta said...

I am very honored to be mentioned in your blog. Thanks girlfriend!!

Christina said...

No Senta, thank you for the pictures! I wanted to take my camera, but my kids pulled the button off and now I have to take pictures using a toothpick! ha ha

kristi said...

It was fun!!!! We will have to go again now that I have renewed my pass. We can go as much as we want this summer :) Thanks for helping Bradyn on the Merry go round.