Jun 25, 2007

Our Day

Today was quite a bit of fun. Lauren and Trey returned from their vacation and are officially here every week day from 7:30 until 5. We had nothing planned so we did quite a few different activities. Nothing is quite so interesting as finding something that a 12, 9, 7 and 4 year old will all like to do!! We did discover that painting and play-doh are 2 of those very things.

Lauren and I went out this morning and harvested fresh mulberries from the numerous trees we have along our property line. Alex joined in the fun and ended up with feet that will be stained purple for the next week or so. We ended up eating so many that Lauren and I both ended up with a belly-ache.

We went to the local park for a picnic at lunch time. We had sandwiches, melon, candy, grapes and hammy roll- ups. (for those of you who don't know, these are great appetizers made of cream cheese rolled up in a slice of ham topped with a green olive. Delicious!) Lauren made the roll-ups twice the normal size so that was pretty great! The kids spent a few hours at the park playing with the other kids. I am surprised we made it so long since the temperature reached over 90 today.

After the park we came home a ran through the sprinkler with the neighbor girl. What started out as a sprinkle, became an all out war, drenching everyone to the bone. There were no survivors...


Mandy said...

Hammie rollies?! Nobody told me...or even saved me one?

I'm so unloved.

Christina said...

Yeah, well we are a bit greedy that way! And seriously, Lauren did make them HUGE!! lol