Jun 27, 2007

Storms of DEATH!!

What a whopping storm we had today!! We left to go to the park around 11:30 and had to come home after only 1/2 hour. The clouds came in so fast that we had barely got home before the rain started. After about an hour, the rain had stopped, so Lauren and I went to a few stores. By the time we got out of K-Mart, the rain had picked back up again, coming down pretty hard. Unfortunately, only one block later, we could hear the emergency sirens blaring. This got us on edge, but we got as far as a block from home before we ran into any real trouble. It was raining so hard, that all we could see was stop signs and headlights. Of course that was the time that the dork without his headlights on decided to drive down the street. we nearly missed him, only by about a foot or so. Sigh...really, who wouldn't have their headlight on?! We found Carl and the boys coming up from the basement where they had been hiding from the storm. Luckily there was no tornado, but severe winds and rain. We are glad to be safe and sound.

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