Jun 30, 2007

Our Crazy Boys

I thought I would post some pictures of the boys doing what they love best!

The metal death trap that Alex is playing in is his "bus"! It is actually a frame for a laundry sack, and it fits nicely in between my fridge and the washer... if it were ever there!! Carl HATES the bus and would throw it out in a second! He's just waiting for Al to kill himself with it!

Jacob is loving his scooter that he inherited from Lauren! He goes pretty fast, and rarely if ever falls. He has taken it all the way to the library and back with me!

Jacob has developed quite a few freckles over the summer. This shot was supposed to show that, but it didn't quite work.

The boys are born hams! They hate to take a picture where they can't pose, or "look beautiful", as Jacob says!

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Jennjess said...

Love the pics!!!! Love the blog's!!!! Those boy's are getting sooooooooo big and very handsome!!