Jul 23, 2007

Baseball Pictures

Our baseball season is finally over! We went to the picnic they had for all the players and their families on Saturday. It was a blast! They had an inflatable jumping castle, games, softball and LOTS of food!!

While I was there, I was gifted a CD with about 50 pictures of Jacob playing ball. What a wonderful thing to have, 1) Because they were taken by a lovely man who actually knows how to use his superb camera and 2) I hadn't taken any at all since I have to use a toothpick so activate the shutter on mine....sigh...

Well, the point is that all season I have been waiting for the pictures he took to be uploaded on to the Dad's Club website but have never seen any!! Finally I asked and the wife of the photographer (who are also grandparents of one of Jake's teammates) said that she was not the one that posts them, and since the person who was supposed to was slacking, she would bring me a disk. So, here are a few of them. Better late than never!!

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senta said...

Jacob looks like he is having so much fun playing baseball.