Jul 17, 2007

There has not been much to report on this end. We plow through the days as usual. Monday , baseball and FHE. Tuesday, Library day. Wednesday, baseball. Thursday, Park Day. Friday, anything goes! How do we fill in the time in between? Carefully...

Yesterday we walked down to a local park and played in the sand. Alex found about 20 black walnuts, 3 checkers pieces, some glass, rocks and a Caesarland token. This was his proudest find, and of course that means he lost it promptly again at baseball. So, there is a token at Adams Middle School. Happy hunting!! While at the park, Lauren and Trey thought that they discovered a hidden pocket of clay under the sand. They proceeded to spend about 45 minutes gathering it, only to discover once they got home and wet it that it was in fact dirt, not clay. It now resides in my backyard.

The rest of the day was spent inside due to the off and on again rain storms. Also, Lauren's stomach decided it hated her, wanted to revolt, and after torturing her for a bit, did just that. So, she spend the majority of her afternoon laying on my bed next to a bowl. In true Lauren style she managed to pull herself together and by the time her mother showed up, she was begging for beef stew! Amazing!

We ended the evening with Jacob's baseball game. (it's really softball, but we like to pretend!) He did very well, getting to bat 3 times. He also won the game ball; something he has been desiring since the season began. He has one last game, and then we will be finished for the season. That will leave Mondays and Wednesdays open to even further mischief and mayhem.

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