Jul 6, 2007

Garage Sale Progress

The past few days have been crazy! I have gotten little done other than selling our wares in the driveway. By the time the day is done, I am so exhausted that I can hardly do anything. Isn't it funny that a garage sale can do that to a person? All you do is sit, but perhaps that is why you get so tired. Well, the first day we were able to sell quite a lot, including the dishwasher that has been taking up quite a bit of space in our garage. We made out with $77 that day. Today we had a slow start that we all blame on Mandy being there. She jinxed our progress. This theory was proved by the fact that when she was here we made $4, and after she left we made $65. We sold the couch and chair that Mandy had contributed along with a LOT of tiny bits of stuff. Senta dropped by in the afternoon to give my my purse, (left it at her sister Tamara's when we went over for the 4th) and to refresh my spirits with an enormous Dr. Pepper. Ahhhhhhhhhh. She bought a bunch of stuff and so did her kids. Thanks guys!! Her good deeds were rewarded when my neighbor sent over 3 bags of clothes. I think we each took a 1/3 of the clothes and put the rest out for sale. We will be out again tomorrow unless Carl can convince his family to let us out of it so we can go to the airshow. We'll see what happens.

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Jennjess said...

Gotta love those Bellanger garage sales!!!! *L*