Jul 24, 2007

Trey is a champion in our book!

Tonight we went to Trey's baseball championship game. He plays with Dad's Club, same as Jacob, but with the older boys. His team, the Rockies, played against the Tigers. It was a pretty exciting game, but not well ump'd. There was quite a bit of squabbling going on between the coaches and the umpire. It seemed like the other team was playing for blood, rather than for the fun of the game; taking advantage of mistakes and errors. This kind of play even resulted in part of the crowd applauding when a boy from the Tigers team got creamed in the face with the ball. I am sure glad that Jacob will still be playing with the Co-Ed's next year. The parents still think the kids missing the ball is funny and cute there. People get so crazy!! Well, needless to say, poor Trey's team got clobbered. But, he's always going to be an Allstar to us!

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