Jul 13, 2007

Book Club Fun!

I, along with 14 fantastically wonderful women, belong to a book club were discuss a different book each month. This month was my month to choose, and I picked Buster Midnight's Cafe, by Sandra Dallas. Can I tell you how much I love her books?! Since I chose the book, I was given the responsibility of hosting the event. We all had a great time, discussing almost everything but the book! ha ha Everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and that made me really happy. Sharing the books that I love is such a huge part of who I am. I guess that is why my goal is to be a librarian. Thanks ladies for sharing the evening with me!


kristi said...

Thank you for choosing the book. Because I did really love it. I wish that they would make a movie about it. I think that would be way cool.

Christina said...

I thought that through most of it! Although they would mess it up somehow, they always do!