Jul 31, 2007

Dancing Mama

Yesterday we went to the Splash Park in Canton. While we were there, I had a woman come up to me with her young daughter. Speaking to her, referring to me, she said" Look, it's the Dancing Mama!" What does one say to that?! So I was like, "Hello!" Then she explained her daughters lack of interest as being tired or something to that effect, and walked off. Obviously she thought I was someone else, so Lauren and I had a good laugh and forgot all about it.

Well, Today, the same lady was at Caesarland!! And, she recognized me again! I thought perhaps it was cause I was wet before that made me look like whomever she thinks I am. Now I am starting to wonder if perhaps I am the "Dancing Mama"!! She introduced herself asked me if I was going to be at the park tomorrow, like it was something that the "Mama" did often, so I said I was. (I didn't know how to weasel out of this conversation without embarrassing us both) Anyway, I just thought it was funny. So did Kristi (another good friend who is sadly moving to Texas) and Senta obviously, as Senta decided I needed to have a picture of her for my blog! So, enjoy and perhaps you all can figure out who she is for me!! She seemed like a great person, I just have no idea who she is!! Of course that isn't saying much, since one time I was talking to someone in the store, and didn't realize it was one of Carl's Aunts! lol (Just in case you were wondering, her shirt says "I like Money" and is next to a picture of Mr. Krabs.)

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senta said...

great picture! Did you see her today?