Jul 3, 2007

RIP Mulberry Tree

Why has my tree been butchered so? Let me tell you a tale...

As some of you know, we are having a garage sale this weekend. I was in my garage trying to straighten up (with the help of the entire neighborhoods collection of children helping it seems) when I realized I needed to move the lawn mower out of the way. So, I took it around the backside of my garage, only to find this wire hanging down from the trees. This photo was taken much later in the day after it was deemed safe, so don't worry, I'm not that dumb!

So, after a call to Detroit Edison, and guarding the gate from children entering for about 45 minutes, they came to inspect. Seems that sometime during the big storm we had Wednesday, the pole got damaged, and caught on fire! This caused the wire to the light post in out front yard to melt and come down. Luckily the live end was way up next to the pole, so there had been no danger to the kids this whole time. The first man left, and then a big truck came with 3 men. They all talked about it, said they would be going down the Alley in the back to look at it, but then left!! Not that it is about 4:50 in the afternoon now. Carl and I at 8pm put the kids to bed, and we going to watch a movie when we could hear 3 trucks rumbling up in front of the house. This picture is the view we had for the next 3 hours they were here fixing the pole!!!

Mu favorite part of this whole thing, was not them coming so late at nigh, which was comical enough, but this guy. He had stolen my lawn chair and put it in the alley so he could talk on his phone while the other 2 guys worked in the cherry picker. Even when I came outside to watch, and take these photos, he still sat. He knew I was there, he just really didn't care! ha ha Neither did I really, but I did think it was funny. When he decided that he might be useful once again, he placed it back over the fence, and said "Thanks for lettin' me use your chair!" No problem buddy!

So, here is our yard this morning. I gave up watching around 10pm. There were about 6 guys in total in our yard tromping around trying not to trip on the various toys that had been left out from playing. Of course our porch lights don't work (no thanks to the MASTER ELECTRICIAN that lived here before!) so they are all tripping and stumbling in the dark. So here is our tree this morning, and by golly it is a sad sight. They had to trim it to make sure it could go back up and I was pretty sure they might just leave it here, but no, I just heard them pull up AGAIN!! Ha ha, looks like it's my lucky day!

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J.W.Pace said...

Your poor mulberry tree... it is good you got a lot of the berries off the other day.

It sure great the wire was not hot and no one got hurt from it coming down.

I wonder if they will come back and clean up the mess they left??