Jul 29, 2007

Bellanger/Washington Mini Break, part 1

This past Thursday we left our home to journey the west coast of Michigan. Well, actually we only went to Michigan's Adventure's and The Air Zoo.

We all went, Us, Carl's parents, his sister Mandy, Franchot, Lauren and Trey. We drove there bright and early and got there about 11ish. We had gone there last year, so we knew what we wanted to hit and what to miss. We were really hoping that we might be able to take advantage of the water park side this time. The last time we went, it was overcast all day, making it too cold to be soaking wet. This time was an absolute repeat! Not a spot of sun the whole day. In fact, we got deluged by a huge hail storm the minute that Trey and I started on the kiddie car ride they have. Of course my brave husband tried to rescue us, but was unable to find me. All of the employees stood by watching of course. Although in their defense, they did stop the ride eventually, allowing us to get off...so very kind. We made it back to shelter unscathed physically, but poor Trey was an emotional wreck. At least by the time that happened, it was only about 1 1/2 hours till closing so we were able to go back to the hotel without too much loss. Otherwise, the day was really fun. The kids won a LOT of stuffed animals at the carnival games and I ate the most delicious chili cheese fries!

Unfortunately, we totally forgot to take any kind of digital camera, so we will have to post pictures later. Tomorrow, part two of our trip.

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