Sep 6, 2007

And he's off!

There goes Jacob, off light a speding bullet to school. I only got a moment to get one of him before he booked it out the door. Tried to get one of him opening the door, only to get one of it closed again! Then the camera ran out of film and I said heck with it!! So there you go. As you can tell he is excited as can be. Even got up at 6:30 with little protestation. So did I to be honest. I am just as excited. And, not only because I need a break from him for at least a day, but because I know that he genuinely loves his teachers and learns more there than I can ever teach him.

Alex did really well yesterday. He said they did hand prints on paper, colored in a picture, did shapes and letters and read "the Kissing Hand" (makes me weepy when I read that one). He also said there were toys, but he was not allowed to play with them. There was snack, but I forgot to pack his. And, he made no new friends. So, I guess we take the good with the bad, pack a snack, and hope for the best today!

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