Sep 14, 2007


I got this update from my Dad:

We heard some news today that she has been seen in the Rexburg area......One boy that knows Ashley said he talked to her two days ago in Walmart. At that time he did not know that she was missing until he seen this ad in the paper. He called Jill to let her know that he had seen and talked to Ashley.
So she may have not gone to Colorado??? The Police are going to Walmart to look at a surveillance video to see if they can see her in it. Supposedly, She was there with an older woman. Ashley said she was watching her children; the woman lived in St. Anthony. So we have a new lead.
The Police in Colorado, have taken in Ryan for questioning today , if he knows anything about Ashley. We have not heard back yet. The police have shown a picture of Ashley to Ryan's father that lives near Ryan. He said he has a girl he has been hanging around with that looked just like Ashley; but her name is Laura. ???? so... we will have to wait and see.
Others have said they have seen Ashley around this area; between Rigby --- St. Anthony. We get our hopes up, then they fall again.
Thank you for putting something on your blog. The more people know...the better chance of finding her. What the Police are now doing they should have done a week ago.

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