Sep 3, 2007

One more day

Today was the last day for Alex to be a crazy wild boy. Tomorrow, he will start school and I am here tonight nauseous. Not because I fear for him, or because I am sad, but angry at my own procrastination of the inevitable!

I have yet to register my son for school!! Yes, I am dumb. I started putting it off because of the whole school of choice issue. Then, it was because I couldn't find ,y wallet for almost an entire month. That made it impossible to do because of lack of ID. Then, I put it off a little bit longer, realizing that when I was finally ready, the school was officially closed for the summer until a week into our vacation. While on vacation, I realize that we had skipped out on our scheduled appt. for the school physical sometime a while ago, and I call to make another appt. They are swamped and can only get him in after school starts. They said it was no big deal, so I was ok with that. We get home, and then there are all the things to worry about with the house. So then I put it off for a couple more days. I call the school on Friday of the week before last to confirm the things I need to bring in. I tell them about the doctor and they say no big deal, but we need the from from his last physical. Ok, sure. I call the doc, they say he didn't get all his blood work last time, so I will need to get that done. Ok. Blood work, check. (very brave kid) Now I have to wait..........Friday, they finally get it in and done. Ok, no biggie. So I go get it. BUT Friday, the school is closed for Labor Day Weekend. AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH Of course that means Monday as well. AUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!
So, here I am today, a sad woman. I am sick with worry that they might not let him go tomorrow. I mean, I don't even know if he is morning or afternoon! I seem to have also lost the immunization record. It is on the form from the doctor, but I can see them giving me a hard time. I am not happy. If they don't let my poor little boy go to his first day, I will freak right out!! I will let you know tomorrow.

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