Sep 2, 2007


Mandy, Franchot, Lauren and Trey are officially moved into their new home!!! Yay!!

I am so happy for them, and I am also relieved that the rest of us get a few days off from moving! Now the real journey starts though. I can remember moving into our house, and the weeks of unpacking all the stuff. WE still have at least 2 boxes that we have not unpacked!! Also, Lauren has no official room. She is going to be residing in their sweet basement, but her side is still concrete and spiders. Ugh... So, they are going to build a privacy wall, cover the concrete and bricks with drywall, get some carpet and behold, a bedroom! Until then, Lauren in residing in the finished family room side of the basement. Also, they need to get the carpet steamed, blinds washed and/or replaced and ventilation cleaned due to the evil cat that used to reside in the home. Poor Mandy and Lauren are SO allergic. I am hoping that their first night wasn't too sniffly!

We love you guys! Congratulations!!!!!

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Mandy said...

We made it through the night. Sniffles and all. The carpet got cleaned, the whole house dusted and all the blinds thrown out. That means we're hillbilly heaven with sheets covering the windows, but that's better than hairballs hanging from the blinds! Thanks for all the help you guys did!! We appreciate it! :)