Sep 13, 2007

My niece

My niece has been missing for 12 days now (I believe, could be more). Her parents (my sister and brother-in-law) believe that she ran away. I hope that they don't mind me airing out our "dirty laundry" for all to see, but I think that the more exposed this is, the faster she can be found.

These are from Oct. of last year.

Ashley (left) Chelsea (right)

Chelsea (left) with Ashley (right)

Her name is Ashley Marie Pace (Zimmerman). She is 16 and was last seen in Rigby Idaho. She was out of the 5-C (Juvenal hall) on probation. Obviously, she has been having some issues lately. We are all trying to figure out where she might have gone to. There are a few possibilities, but nothing conclusive. She left without her things, only what she had on her back. She didn't even pick up her paycheck before skipping town.

We are all very concerned. It makes it extra difficult not to be in Idaho with my family during this. I would appreciate anyone who reads this, to pass along this information. In 12 days, you could hitch practically anywhere. I will post when I have more information.

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Mandy said...

Tell your family they are in my thoughts. Hopefully she'll come home soon, when she realizes that home just isn't that bad. I do hope it is soon though!