Sep 15, 2007

Seems they are getting closer

Thanks to my Dad for this fresh update:

Last night Jill and Aaron had a visitor come to their door. It was a boy who asked he could get sweat shirt that Ashley had borrowed from him. So that put some suspicion on their minds....who is this guy?? How does he know Ashley? They were able to get his name. They noticed he did not have a car if front of the house. They told him no, and he left. They noticed he went down the street and went around the corner. They watched out the kitchen window and saw the car that he drove off in with others in the car. So Aaron jumped in his car and followed after them. Once they noticed him following them; they took off as fast as they could go......they got up to 90 miles an hour and Aaron backed off. A neighbor said he had saw the car parked by their house, and their was a girl in the car with two boys. Jill and Aaron told the Police about what had happened.
Then today we find out the Police went to Amanda's house (the girl who had last seen Ashley when she disappeared) to talk to her.....she was not there. They then went to see Amanda's mother at work and she said that Amanda had not come home last night, and see was looking for her too. So now we have Amanda and Ashley both lost.
The day before all this happened....a friend of Ashley, Johnathon, had gone to Amanda's and asked if she had seen Ashley or if she was there. This Johnathon (good kid) had seen Ashley in Wal-mart the day before in Rexburg, and talked to Ashley. At that time he did not know that Ashley was missing, until he heard from a friend that she was. So he called Jill and asked if Ashley was missing. He said he would start looking for her.
So now with the disruption of the car and the name of the kid that came to the front door; the Police know who they are looking for. They have now put out an all points bulletin in search for all four of them. Two boy's and two girl's. Amanda's mother is more involved, because of her daughter is missing too. All police force's are looking for them.
You will have to tune in for the next episode tomorrow.

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