Sep 26, 2007

Reading First Family Night

Tonight the boys and I went to Alex's school for Family First Reading Night. They had it all set up where the audience could play a guessing game with remote controls. Made me feel like I was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"! They had various games in a few of the classrooms, including Alex's. That made him really happy. He even got his name plate for his desk, and kept raising his hand like he was in class! They also had a free raffle for games and movie tickets. Alex didn't get the game he really wanted and that brought a few tears to his eyes. But, we were successful and won 4 free movie tickets to the State Wayne here in town! SWEET!!!!


Jennjess said...

It's unreal for me to think about Alex being in school. And the one I went to at that. Too funny!!

cuntdestroyer69 said...

he cried? lol