Sep 5, 2007

Why I named my blog what it is...

I wake up this morning, all peaceful and rested. (There are distinct advantages to having afternoon Kindergarten after all!) Then the phone rings. It's Hoover calling to say that they tried to register Alex, but he isn't supposed to go to Hoover, but to Roosevelt. "I know," I said, "but we did this through school of choice."

". . . .When did you do that?"
"When it was time to do school of choice forms. I turned the form into you."

Of course I am thinking that they should know all this since they sent him a postcard saying Welcome to Hoover!!!! But who am I? Shall we continue? (BTW, this is the conversation as best I can remember, not true quotes! :) )

"We don't seem to have the form. Do you have any way of verifying this?"
"No, I don't. I gave the only form I had to you."
"Hmmmmm, perhaps if we called the Board of Education they would have a copy."
"Would you like me to call them?" (sigh)
"Yes, thank you and then call me back."

So, off I go to do her job. I call the Board, they get all snippity like this is my fault and why would I be so dumb as to actually GIVE the form I was supposed to give?!?! Really, I should have better sense in the future! Well, long story short, the matter is resolved. They did in fact have a copy of something that they are reluctantly faxing to Hoover and we are still on for this afternoon. All I can ask it what's going to go wrong now!?

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