Aug 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

"It's so good to be home"

Alexander Bellanger

I wish I felt the same!! We came home to a jungle in our lawn, a mildew infested front room, and a for sale sign on our house. Yes, we have finally ticked the mortgage company off enough that they plan to auction off our home on the 5th. We are in the process of making plans, and we will inform you all what those plans are when we decide. Well, enough of that, since it just makes me tired.

We did have a nice trip home. The flight into Chicago was horrible. Plus, I decided to get some kind of bug and it reared it's ugly head right before security at SLC International. I was able to buy a 3 dollar pack of pepto, and that seemed to do the trick. Leaving was horrible, and once I lost sight of my folks, I lost it totally. I made a real fool of myself trying to get my shoes back on after the screening, blubbering the whole time. Most people were nice enough to ignore me! Jacob was also a wreck. Cried and cried, and wouldn't even look at my parents after we said goodbye. So sad. I hope that we will be able to arrange for them to come out for Jacob's Baptism in Nov. Only time will tell. Alright, my computer seems to have downloaded some nasty bug that is making this impossible to write, so I will stop. Good to be home...


kiki said...

Call me

kristi said...

I'm worried!!!!!!