Aug 11, 2007

Part one of Day 3

Spent the Day at Yellowstne today as planned. Stopped at one of the side ways to have a spot of lunch before heading onto the sights

At the spot we stoped, we were right next to the river. The boys spent a bit of time skipping stones and cooling their feet. They also enjoyed watching the minnows swim about.

Poor Jacob biffed it on a log a bit after this was taken. landed right on his bootie. Poor guy.

We stopped at the hot springs to look around on our way to Old Faithful. Grandma stayed behind because it was too far of a walk.

Jacob decided that he wanted to take a picture of us. After he dropped the camera, and the argued with Grandpa about this finger placement, he took this great shot!

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Mandy said...

Love seeing the pictures! Jake did good :) Don't ya just love the smell of sulfur?! :)