Aug 9, 2007

Our First Real Day in Idaho!

We are here!! Yesterday was a LONG day! WE left at 10:35 our time, and got here at 10:40 our time. Two flights and one 4 hour car drive later we made it to Rexburg. I got to see my bother and sister and all their families today and it was pretty emotional for me! I haven't seen them in so long, over 5 years. Poor Carl hasn't seen them in almost 10!!

Today was a fun one once it got started. We sat around most of the morning just catching up with my folks. About 11 we got bored and took a trip into town to take in the new sites. The new temple is beautiful! I wish that it was done so we could see inside.

We ran into the Deseret bookstore, and found out to my utter dismay that Eclipse, the newest book by Stephenie Meyer is sold out and won't be in for another weeks and a half!! So, to all my bookclubbers, I am waiting as well!

My brother Jim, his wife Suzanne and their kids Morgan, Jonathon and Ryan came over after lunch and spent some time. My sister Jill, her husband Aaron and 2 of their kids, Chelsea and Ethan came over to dinner with all of us later in the day. Chelsea didn't stay due to her pressing social schedule. Obviously, I am less important than Hairspray! ha ha ha

So, here we are day one behind us. Tomorrow we plan on going to the movies. My Mom and I also plan on going to the local beauty college to get done up! :)


Mandy said...

Hi everybody! Looks like you're all having fun :) Beauty college eh? Hope to see them pictures here! Haha :)

Christina said...

Ha, Ha...They actually do a pretty good job...usually...