Aug 28, 2007

Something I thought I would share

I have a love for Real Men of Genius. I share this love with my Sister-in-law Mandy, Carl, Lauren and Trey. This love affair is due to the hilarious ads put out by Budweiser. Now, you all know that I am not a drinker, and I detest beer, but these commercials are so funny that I nearly wet myself from laughing so hard, no matter how many times I hear them!! Some of my favorites are "Mr. Giant Taco Salad Inventor", "Mr. 80 SPF Sunblock Wearer", and "Mr. Overzealous Foul Ball Catcher". Carl particularly enjoys "Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller"! Believe me, these are truly funny, and there is one for everyone. It's even better when you know one of these "Real Men of Genius"!


1 comment:

Mandy said...

Chris I love you! Thank you for your little shout out to the Men of Genius. I totally forgot to tell you...last weekend when we took the boys shopping, we walked by the craft aisle and I commented on the cinnamon smell. Alex Aunt Mandy it's "something smells deliciousssssssssss". I think I pee'd myself a little bit right there in Walmart. Too funny!!!