Aug 30, 2007

Our life as it stands today

I turned in the papers to Westwick Square today. I am desperately hoping that they approve us. The only problem is, the wait time. It will take 4-6 weeks to see if we are even approved, and then there may be more time fixing up the place, getting it to code. (Franchot has lived there quite a few years) So, now the decision we have to make, is where do we go until then? Obviously, we can't stay here for much longer. We are thinking the old apartment we used to live in before the house. It was not bad, and hopefully it would be only a few months. Plus, they allow us to have a month to month lease, so there would be no fee for breaking a year long lease. Ugh, enough about all that.

Spent the majority of the day painting Mandy's basement. They picked out a light denim blue color and it looks really nice. Of course I didn't change after going to the park with Senta and the gals, so I probably ruined one of my favorite shirts today with all the paint. Sigh... Oh well. I am beginning to learn that material possessions mean very little to me. Of course, that doesn't mean that I should ruin a practically new shirt, but that is beside the point! lol Tomorrow, second coat in the basement, and calls to more people that perhaps can help our situation.


kiki said...

I hope you didn't ruin your shirt, g-friend!!!

kristi said...

Why aren't you returning my calls?