Aug 29, 2007

Jury Duty

I had my summons come in the mail the other day. I have only been summoned once before and had no luck getting on a jury. I though this might be my lucky time since I have so many other things to worry about, and that is how my fate works, but no... I WANT TO DISPENSE SOME JUSTICE!!!! I have always wanted to have jury duty! Just weird I guess. I did get a chance to sit outside a courtroom for an hour and a half before being rejected. At least I got close! Oh well. Perhaps next yeah eh?

I did have a fun time getting back home. I go into Detroit so little, that I am very unfamiliar with the streets there. I had detailed instructions on getting there, but got all turned around coming home. Why do they have to have so many one-way roads?! I can't tell you how many I tried to go down. Pretty lucky I didn't get pulled over in the ghetto! ha ha Especially since I was driving Mandy's car since it is nicer and can go on the freeway. (haven't had one of those cars in a while!)

Came home, to be thrust into wallpaper removal at Mandy and Franchot's new house. lol Some pretty resilient paper in Trey's room I tell you. But the paper on the stairway came off pretty easy, so that was a bonus. Tomorrow, paint. Yay!! :)

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kiki said...

You are so funny!!