Aug 9, 2007

Idaho, Day 2

My best friend in highschool was a gal named Tracy Ringel. Her grandparents lived about a block from her off Hwy 33 in the boonies of Rexburg. Across from them and diagonally, there was only empty fields. Well, today Tracy, I got my hair cut in what was once one of those empty fields! :( Grandma Ringels house looked so sad among all of those businesses.

My mom and I went out early this morning and both got our hair cut at one of the 2 local beauty colleges. I think that the gal did a wonderful job, and she was even the owners daughter! So thanks Kirsten Evans, I really like what you did today!! What do you all think?

Later this afternoon, we went with Jill, Chelsea, Ethan and his friend, to see Underdog. The kids really enjoyed it and so did we. They did a pretty good job with it.

We finished off the evening by having spagetti with my folks, followed by a rousing game of Memory and Uno. (Jacob and Alex both acquired mni Uno games in their kids meal at the Phoenix airport.) Then we all went outside to play baseball. There was a lot of cheating done by all! At bedtime, Alex got to use grandma's whirlpool bathtub. He thought that was awesome!

Tomorrow, Yellowstone National Park.


Jennjess said...

Your new hairdo is very cute, me likes:) I'm glad to hear you all are having a good time!! Have fun at yellowstone, I'm jealous, I want to go there too:)

Mandy said...

I like! It's very girlie :) Have fun camping!! Tomorrow we're off to Cedar Point. Can't let you be the only ones having fun! Give the boys a kiss from me. Miss you guys! :)